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If you have a basic question, the answer is probably here

Q. Is the site easy to use?

A. Yes, our site is very simple to navigate. Our sites organized and easy to understand navigation is instrumental in enhancing the user experience.

Q. How can I get assistance?

A. If you need assistance with registering for a course e-mail at [email protected].

Q. How do I register for courses?

A. To register: Navigate to . Select “Register“ You will be prompted to enter in a user name or e mail address. Follow the account registration process directions.

Q. I have registered and am waiting on e mail confirmation, but have received no e-mail?

A. Please check your spam/junk folder if it does not come into your inbox.

Q. How secure is the site?

A. We are very concerned about your security. All information is transported to the web server using the industry-standard secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol. SSL-encryption technology makes it virtually impossible for intruders to read your personal information during transmission to the website.

Q. How do I decide which courses I should take?

A. offers a suggested curriculum to help you enhance your knowledge. Review in my courses on the care skills site.

Q. Do I get a certificate after participation in the training?

A. The software automatically produces a certificate after the test has been completed.

Q. What makes our Training the best learning platform?

A. Ask around – our reputation speaks for itself. We are in high demand because we provide the best learning experience.

Q. Are all the courses related to the HIQA standards?

A. Yes, all courses are in full compliance with the Health Act 2007 and the HIQA Standards.

Q.Will using create extra work for the Person in Charge or Provider?

A. No, once you have registered and decided on courses you want your staff to take our administration side will do the rest.

Q. Will I know if some staff have not started courses?

A. Yes, every Friday you will receive a progress report which will provide you with information on all your staff.

Q. Is there a limit to how many can do the courses?

A. No it is entirely up to management what courses you ar, to be enrolled on.